coastal video conference center

The definition of a meeting may be timeless, but the way by which we hold one is evolving every day. At Coastal Video Conference Center, we realize your time is valuable, your budgets are tight, and your bottom line is important. We also realize there are often more efficient ways to "come together for a common purpose" than through boarding gates, flight delays, and baggage claims.

Coastal Economic Development Corporation, with the mission of supporting and encouraging economic activity and job creation within our region, has created the Coastal Video Conference Center to bring the most state-of-the-art video conference capabilities available directly to the NH Seacoast Region for small and emerging businesses.

While the technology is advanced, it is easier to use and more seamless to integrate than ever. You know your meeting needs better than anyone. Imagine your best, most successful, most efficient, most economical meeting it can happen through us and it can happen here. With the touch of a finger, you can connect worldwide in seconds.

Whether it is to interview prospective employees, introduce your product to a new customer, gather a quick and informal team meeting with subcontractors, or provide training seminars, video conferencing is a less expensive, more efficient and environmentally friendlier way to do it.